Charmed Trivia (Quick Answers)

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Can you name the short answers to these questions about the hit TV series Charmed?

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Paige's Last Name?
Dan's Neice (First Name)?
Antonio Sabato Jr.'s Character (First Name)?
Demon That Kills Prue?
Letter Phoebe's Apple Peel Makes In The Past?
Paige's Father's First Name?
Which Sister Turns Into A Man?
Piper's Dream Job Is To Open A...?
Band That Jumpstarts P3's Business?
Andy's Partner?
Which Sister Lived in New York?
Leo's Father's Name?
Demon of Fear?
QuestionShort Answer
Prue's Telekinesis Trigger?
Phoebe's High School Nick Name?
Which Sister Falls In Love With A Ghost?
Phoebe's Boss At The Bay Mirror?
Prue Was Engaged To?
Rex Buckland's Assistant?
Sister Who Takes Over Magic School?
Phoebe's Favorite Movie Is What Genre?
First Warlock Defeated By The Charmed Ones?
Hobby Prue Resumes After Leaving Bucklands?
Billie's Sister's Name?
Oded Fher Played Which Charmed Villain?

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