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Arnold's Grandpa
Demolition Worker
Eastern Europeon immigrant who lives at the boarding house
Arnold's favorite baseball player
A bully secretly in love with Arnold
Arnold's best friend
Helga's best friend
A rich girl, self-proclaimed fashion queen
Lanky boy from Arkansas, has a southern accent
The geeky, class jinks
A rich Latino boy who does not have enough time to be a kid
The main bully of the block, a fifth grader
A sixth grade girl, Arnold's first crush
Arnold's sensitive and caring teacher
The competitive school coach of many sports teams, which he often gets Arnold and his friends to join
The Chinese Checkers champion who caused Grandpa to retire from the game
A dedicated butcher and a politician
Kid who lives on a stoop and never leaves it
A Frank Sinatra-type singer
The legendary giant fish that lives in City Pond
An old, tired, graffiti-covered turtle that lived in the city zoo
Arnold's pet pig
Helga's sister

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