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I call upon thee in the land of the dead to unleash thy fury of thunder.
Sacred Powers, cast your purifying light upon these corrupt souls. Rest in peace, sinners!
Thy power floweth purely, ever unwavering. Accept my soul into thine embrace.
May the merciless embrace of frost take thee.
Wanna charge?
Help is on the way.
Thy faithful servant asketh for thy blessing. Honor us with the splendor of thy song!
Come get some!
Reduce these evil souls to ashes.
I call upon the power of the holy blades!
Infinite Powers, grant me thy strength!
I'll show you your powerlessness...
Don't overdo it.
Cool off!
Engulf this pathetic soul!
Holy wings, I beg of thee to reveal thy glory!
Form a torrential vortex and engulf the evil spirits.
Root of all creation, grant us the breath of life!
Get him!
Pancake Time!
Gentle winds, gather before me and transform into waves of air.
Bring back this soul from Purgatory!

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