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Tried to make the night last forever. 
A cruel griffon who made Fluttershy cry. 
Boastful magician. 
Both of these live in caves and eat diamonds. 
Explosively breeding omnivorous bugs. 
Two fillies who bully Apple Bloom. 
Has 4 heads, one of which is rather slow. 
Can petrify you with a glance. 
A trio of filthy scavengers. 
Prince Not-so-charming. 
Pinkie Pie's songs
Friendship is Magic, Part 2 
The Ticket Master 
The Ticket Master 
Bridle Gossip 
Call of the Cutie 
Over a Barrel 
Party of One 
The Best Night Ever 
The Best Night Ever 
Cutie Marks
Pinkie Pie 
Pinkie Pie thinks it's crazy. 
Say it louder, Fluttershy! 
Who always dresses in style? 
The sea serpent's fan nickname. 
Rainbow's dress needs to be... 

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