Word Ladder: An Accusation II

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Can you name the 4-letter words in this Cluedo word ladder?

Updated Mar 16, 2013

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'Clue'4-Letter WordRung
Start of a Cluedo accusation: '___ Scarlett ...'1
Quantity of matter2
Tall pole on a ship supporting the sails3
Barley soaked and dried for use in brewing4
Enclosed shopping center5
Middle of the accusation: '... did it in the ____ [13th Rung]...'6
Pod of cotton7
A counting or listing of voters8
Small pond9
Having little wealth10
Movable panel for opening and closing an entrance11
Terrible fate12
Middle of the accusation: ' ...did it in the [6th Rung] _____...'13
Underground part of a plant14
Shoe reaching to the ankle15
Small water craft16
Strike repeatedly 17
A small piece of glass pierced for stringing18
End of the accusation: 'with the _____ [29th Rung].'19
Allow secrets to become known20
Onion-like vegetable21
A quick and furtive glance22
The skin of fruit23
Back part of the foot24
Not a hope in ___25
Mound of land26
Tablet of medicine to be swallowed whole27
An assemblage of things laid or lying one upon the other28
End of the accusation: 'with the [19th Rung] _____.'29

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