SpongeBob: Ripped Pants or MuscleBob BuffPants

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Can you name the SpongeBob SquarePants episode which said the following quotes: Ripped Pants or MuscleBob BuffPants?

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QuoteRipped Pants or MuscleBob BuffPants
Could I borrow a couple of these?
Could I get some mustard on that?
Did anyone order twenty pepperoni and sand pizzas?
Hey, that's great, Sandy. Well, I sure had fun, we'll have to do it again sometime, bye.
Anyone up for the juice bar?
Hey Sandy, how about throwing it to me?
Is that a burger you're eating?
You guys wanna go lift some weights?
Now, I'm a jerk and everybody loves me.
Not too close, Sandy. I tend to get smelly when I'm pumping iron.
QuoteRipped Pants or MuscleBob BuffPants
It's ok, SpongeBob, I already signed your name in.
I’ll take a banana split.
Ah, Goo Lagoon. A stinky mud puddle to you and me.
I think he lost. Sandy! Sandy! Sandy!
I'm tellin' ya, he's huge!
Let's see an instant-replay.
If y'all want to be my friend, just be yourself.
Uh, I don't wanna disappoint you, SpongeBob but you won't see any progress with those.
Good job, Sandy. Well, that's about enough for today, don't you think?
How about a little more weight? Observe.

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