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ARoger is this animal.
BIn the episode All Choked Up, Rico had this trapped inside of him.
CMax is this animal.
DDr. Blowhole is this animal.
EThe duckling's name.
FThe dumb squirrel's name.
GBing and Bada are these animals.
HEpisode with the ghost making scary noises and scaring Marlene.
IHockey episode called Miracle On___ .
JThe kangaroo's name.
KThe tallest of the four penguins.
LKing Julien,Maurice,and Mort are these animals.
MAnimal who is obsessed with King Julien's feet.
NEpisode where Skipper is afraid of getting a shot.
OMarlene is this animal.
PThe shortest and youngest of the four penguins.
QIn the episode Assult And Batteries, Skipper steals the batteries from King Juien's boom box, so he can have peace and _____.
RThe penguin who hardly every talks.
SThe leader of the four penguins.
TEpisode with Private being Slipy.
UEpisode with Barry the toxic frog.
VIn the episode Zoo Tube, the animals try to make a _____ so people would visit the zoo.
WIn the episode Roomies, Rhonda is this animal.
XKing Julien the (roman numerals).
YThe state the animals live in is New ____ .
ZThe animals live in the Central Park ___.

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