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DefinitionInner WordLetters
One whose earnings are the primary source of support for their dependents11
A person that wins a reward11
An appetizer before evening meal9
Someone new to a field or activity8
One of two or more joint victors8
A person who opposes a plan7
A person who smiles7
A person who prepares or deals in animal furs7
Board game equipment that consists of a dial and an arrow that is spun to determine the next move in the game7
More narrow7
The main meal of the day served in the evening6
A person who traps or snares for a game6
A woman's cap with two long flaps pinned on6
A person who commits an immoral action without repenting6
Someone who makes or repairs articles of thin iron or steel sheet6
A person with a record of successes6
Located or occurring within or closer to a center5

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