Colombia or Venezuela

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Can you determine whether Colombia (C) or Venezuela (V) fits each of the given clues?

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CharacteristicColombia or Venezuela?
Hasn't qualified for a FIFA World Cup
Has eight letters in its name
Has majority of Orinoco River inside of it
Has more land area
Shares a line of longitude with Jamaica
Its third largest city is Cali
Has more than 800 airports
Its border with Brazil is over 2000 km long
The name of its capital city has an accent mark
Has Angel Falls, tallest waterfall in the world
Has a Catholic population of more than 38 million
Has a larger population
Has stars on its national flag
Its second largest city is Maracaibo
Has won more Miss Universe beauty pageants
Its capital alphabetically precedes the other country's capital
Has more amusement parks
Has over 3,000 km of coastline
Hugo Chávez is a former president of this country
Borders 3 countries

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