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APrincess Leia's Home Planet.
BSon of Jango Fett.
CWookie and Han Solo's best friend.
DThree legged droids with powerful guns and sometimes have shield generators. They are also called Destroyer Droids.
ESmall tribal inhabitants on the forest moon of Endor.
FMay the _______ be with you.
GLeader of the Droid Army and can fight with four lightsabers at a time.
HPlanet of snow and ice.
IAssassin droid and bounty hunter with a tall cylinder head
JHutt and Ruler of the Outer Rim
KWater Planet and Endless Storms also where the clones are made.
LHan Solo's friend from Cloud City
MHan Solo's Ship
NGungans' Home Planet
OAnakin Skywalker's Master
PAnakin Skywalker's Wife
QJedi who was killed by Darth Maul
RClever Astromech Droid and C-3PO's friend
SThe military soldiers unswervingly loyal to the Empire.
TSand People on Tatooine and other Outer Rim Planets
UA species of humanoid-porcine beings who live and work on Bespin's Cloud City.
VWhat Anakin became after his fight on Mustafar. Darth ______.
WIce Creature that almost ate Luke in Episode V.
XShip that Luke Skywalker used to destroy the first Death Star.
YWise, small, and green master and a Jedi teacher.
ZShape-shifting bounty hunter hired by Jango Fett

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