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Economic/Reform AgendaPresident of the United StatesInfo
Regulated industry with safety and consumer protection laws such as the Pure Food and Drug Act, supported conservation, and proposed national health insurance.
Stabilized the banking and auto industries with public intervention, signed a massive fiscal stimulus and a universal health care law, and promoted economic reforms and gay rights.
Expanded New Deal programs such as Social Security and public housing, desegregated the military, and proposed a single-payer health insurance system.
Initiated massive public works programs like the WPA, reshaped the financial system, supported unions, established a welfare state, and directly controlled the wartime economy.
Brought anti-trust lawsuits against over 80 corporations, including U.S. Steel, and expanded the regulatory power of the Interstate Commerce Commission.
Dramatically increased spending on the welfare state, signed a slew of environmental laws, instituted wage and price controls to fight inflation, and supported legalized abortion.
Increased funding for eduction and welfare, established affirmative action, and proposed legislation ending segregation and providing public health care for the elderly and poor.
Continued to expand welfare programs from the New Deal era, and launched the Interstate Highway System.
Established the Federal Reserve system, created a federal income tax, extended suffrage to women, and strengthened anti-trust laws with the Clayton Anti-trust Act.
Continued his predecessor's expansion of Great Society-era public spending and anti-inflation controls, established special education, and supported the Equal Rights Amendment.
Signed the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act, created Medicare and Medicaid, expanded federal aid for education, declared war on poverty, and advanced environmental issues.

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