English / British Monarchs by Father

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Can you name the English / British Monarchs by their Father?

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Henry VIII of England
George III of Great Britain
Richard Plantagenet
Stephen of Blois
William I of England
Edward, the Black Prince
George V of Great Britain
Edward VII of Great Britain
Edward II of England
Henry III of England
George VI of Great Britain
John of England
Edmund Tudor
Henry V of England
Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
Robert of Normandy
James II and VII of England
Henry IV of England
George I of Great Britain
Frederick of Wales
Ernest Augustus of Hanover
Henry Grey
Willliam of Orange
Edward I of England
Edward of Kent and Strathearn
Geoffrey of Anjou
Charles I of England
Henry II of England
Henry VII of England
Edward IV of England
John of Gaunt
Henry Stuart
James VI and I of England

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