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Raven Baxter
Charlie Harper
JD Dorian
Steve Douglas
Doug Heffernan
Jay Pritchett
Tia Landry & Tamara Campbell
Al Bundy
Robert Hartley
Herman Munster
David Brent
Cleveland Brown
Frasier Crane
Fred Sanford
Arnold and Willis Jackson
Mike Brady
Malcolm (No Surname)
Alex Rieger
Roseanne Conner
Lucy Ricardo
Carl Winslow
Sam Malone
George Lopez
Rob Petrie
Lizzie McGuire
Beaver Cleaver
Keith Partridge
Felix Unger & Oscar Madison
Phillip Fry
Edna Garrett
Jack Tripper
Archie Bunker
Samantha Stephens
Jason Seaver
Liz Lemon
Ray Barone
Tony Micelli
Fran Fine
Will Smith
Andy Millman
Kenan Rockmore & Kel Kimble
Leslie Knope
Jesse Katsopolis
Larry David
Jed Clampett
Peter Griffin
Ralph Kramden
Michael Scott
Tim Taylor
Ted Mosby
Alex Keaton
Gomez Addams
Moesha Mitchell
Rachel Green
George Jetson
Mary Richards
Jerry Seinfeld
George Jefferson
Bernie McCullough
Greg Warner
Fred Flintstone
Miley Stewart
Dave Nelson
Jeannie Nelson
Julia Sugarbaker MacElroy
Joe Hackett
Michael Bluth
Richie Cunningham
Andy Taylor
Stan Smith
Homer Simpson
Sheldon Cooper
Cliff Huxtable
Laverne De Fazio & Shirley Feeney

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