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Amplifies Wind Abilities
Unites the user's chi with his/her allies
Releases swarming and stinking insects
Allows the user to travel through time
Gives the user eyes in the back of their head
Allows the user to fly gracefully
Gives the user large muscles and strength
Two Shen Gong Wu that act as a portal to the Ying Yang World
Gives the user random information
Flying and Underwater Vehicle
Allows the user to hear the thoughts of others
Turns the user into a cannonball and launches them
Shoots sticky silk
Allows the user to see through solid objects, in the dark, and long distances
Amplifies Fire Abilities
Allows the user to move through solid objects
Allows the user to teleport anywhere in the world
Allows the users legs to stretch for miles
Allows the user to move as quickly as a flash of lightning
Allows the user to see the future
Releases a gas that confuses enemies
Releases itchy insects
Indifferent Last Resort that turns everyone into sapphire statue slaves
A Metal Gauntlet strong enough to crack the earth
Turns the user into electricity
Allows the user to create great flood
Creates mischief and houses spirits
Allows the user to move quickly and nimbly
An impentrable prison
Reverses the effect of any Shen Gong Wu
Allows the user to erase memories
Gives the user telekinesis
Allows the user to become an insect
Releases hungry insects
Gives off unlimited energy
Allows the user to become invisible
Brings life to inanimate
Allows the user to undo mistakes
Allows the user to shrink to the size of a grain of rice
A heat-proof sheild
Allows the user to breathe underwater
Allows the user to make up to nine duplicates of themselves
Allows the user to transform into anyone
Deflects attacks from the user's head
Impentrable Armor
Gives the user limbs made of stretchable rubber
Controls all Shen Gong Wu
Allows the user to enter dreams and bring nightmares to life
Restores things to their original state
Disintegrates anything
Allows the user to do jumps and flips
Becomes a baby warrior who launches diapers
Gives the user to use it as a additional appendage
Turns creatures sentient
Amplifies Earth Abilities
Fast moving jungle vehicle
Allows the user to launch fire and fireworks
Tunnelling Vehicle
Allows the user to attract objects
Binds and restrains the enemy
Allows the user to turn people into zombies
Hopping Vehicle
Allows the user to conjure and control winds and storms
Transforms into a constricting snake
Allows the user to fly leaving behind a rainbow trail
Momentarily stops time
Allows the user to defy gravity and levitate
Restores weakened entities to power
Shoots blasts of electricity
Allows the user to create illusions of themselves
Amplifies Water Abilities
The user gains the traits of a monkey
Allows the user to communicate with animals
Controls the moon

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