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She's off the leash!FEATURE FILM
Milton Green's biography of Jimmy CarterBOOK
10-second sitcom by Devon BanksSCRIPTED WEBSHOW
Black Female EGOT Winner's excercise showINSTRUCTIONAL TELEVISION
Tracy's Kung Fu Action FilmFEATURE FILM
Paris Hilton starred in the Canadian-only filmSTRAIGHT-TO-DVD FILM
Tracy's personal take on a certain set of GEICO commericalsFEATURE FILM
Tracy almost did this movie over the summerFEATURE FILM
Jenna Maroney stars in this 'Janis Joplin-inspired' biopic. Janet Jopler? Janie Jimplin?FEATURE FILM
'One does the duty, the other gets the booty.'FEATURE FILM
NBC's Sketch Comedy Show starring Tracy Jordan, Jenna Maroney, and Danny BakerSCRIPTED TV
When life keeps handing you anchovies, just cover them up with some extra cheeseBROADWAY PLAY/FEATURE FILM
Liz gets all her financial advice from this PBS Kids CartoonTV ANIMATION
Tracy Jordan's children's show teaching kids to brush their teethSCRIPTED TELEVISION
Classier version of Kelsey Grammer's hit sitcomSCRIPTED TELEVISION
Tracy Jordan's take on the classic detective storyFEATURE FILM
Tabloid Talkshow where Jenna met her half-sister CourtneyTALK SHOW
Tracy plays a black presidentFEATURE FILM
Tracy Jordan plays many members of the same family in this beloved sequelFEATURE FILM
Tracy's blaxploitation remake of a classicFEATURE FILM
Dr. Leo Spaceman's weight loss bookBOOK
Will Ferrell stars to collects the bounty of females on the looseSCRIPTED TV
Tracy Jordan spent nine months filming the fuedal japanese filmFEATURE FILM
Tracy's passion piece following the discovery of his colonial American heritageFEATURE FILM
Tracy starred with the tagline: 'I'm getting too old for this ship'FEATURE FILM
Dr. Leo Spaceman's Sex Book BOOK
Angie Jordan's reality showREALITY TV
Kenneth's game show cross between Deal or No Deal and MillionareTV GAME SHOW
Tracy's 80's halloween party songSONG
Tracy's Oscar award winning dramaFEATURE FILM
Jenna's Softcore Porno with sexual timetravelPORNOGRAPHIC FILM
The telenovela featuring the GeneralissimoSPANISH LANGUAGE SOAP OPERA
25 Super-Hot Moms, 50 eighth grade boys, no rulesREALITY TV
Tracy starred with the tagline 'Money is the root of all evil' in this fatal heist thrillerFEATURE FILM
Jenna profiles serial killers as Jill St. Ferrari in this Lifetime Orignal MovieTV MOVIE
Imagine Christmas wishes shooting out of your eyesSONG
Jenna Maroney stars in this Lifetime Orignal Movie, who's title doubles as an unforunate pick-up lineTV MOVIE
Jenna Maroney plays Constance Justice in this Kevin Grisham adaptationFEATURE FILM
Liz's book turned talkshowBOOK/TV TALK SHOW
Avery Jessup's MSNBC Talk ShowTV TALK SHOW
Tracy plays white grandmother who doesn't take any nonsenseFEATURE FILM

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