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ArcanaCharacterExtra Info
DeathAppears in your bedroom
The HermitPlays online games
The PriestessLikes to cook
The ChariotSports!
The SunIs writing a book
FortuneWants to study abroad
The LoversIo or Isis Persona
StarMain character's rival
JusticeIs shy around guys
JudgementAnnihilation Team
The DevilShady businessman
ArcanaCharacterExtra Info
The TowerMonk who hangs out at a club
The EmpressKirijo Group daughter
The MagicianLikes older women
The EmperorStudent Council guy
StrengthManages sports teams
The HierophantAlong with Bunkinchi
The Hanged-ManPlays at the playground
The FoolYour club name
TemperanceLikes to sew

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