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ArcanaCharacterExtra Info
JudgementAnnihilation Team
The ChariotSports!
The EmpressKirijo Group daughter
The SunIs writing a book
The LoversIo or Isis Persona
StrengthManages sports teams
StarMain character's rival
JusticeIs shy around guys
The EmperorStudent Council guy
The DevilShady businessman
ArcanaCharacterExtra Info
TemperanceLikes to sew
The HierophantAlong with Bunkinchi
The MagicianLikes older women
The Hanged-ManPlays at the playground
DeathAppears in your bedroom
The PriestessLikes to cook
The TowerMonk who hangs out at a club
FortuneWants to study abroad
The HermitPlays online games
The FoolYour club name

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