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Popular SongsBandYears Active
May Day, Mizuiro Girlfriend, Namida Drop1993 - Present
Garnet, Final Call, Horizon1999 - Present
Sink, Sleeping Beauty, in the rain2007 - Present
Yami ni chiru sakura, Akatsuki, Velvet2004 - Present
Fujisawa Loser, After Dark, Blue Train1996 - Present
Aitakute, Natsu Monogatari, Sayonara2004 - Present
Electric Summer, Love Mathematics, Dramatic2002 - Present
Linda Linda, Train-Train, Aozora1985 - 1994
Kagerou, Romance, Heroin1985 - Active
Goodbye, Blue Film, Maguro1993 - Sort of active
Daidai, Shangri-la, Last Love Letter2000 - Present
this day this rain, Blood, degreeds centigrade2001 - 2006
Obscure, The Final, Filth1997 - Present
Hana ni nare, Hoshi ni negai wo, Harukaze2007 - Present
Mizerable, Vanilla, Redemption1999 - Present
Distress and Coma, Leech, Cassis2002 - Present
Glorious, Beloved, Verb1988 - Present
It's Usual, Green Carnival, Cullucoo Vision1989 - 2000
Season's Call, Horizon, Shallow Sleep2001 - Present
XII Dizzy, zetsubou ni sayonara, Yubikiri1999 - 2007
Kotodama, Chikai no Tsuki, Utakata2000 - Present
Popular SongsBandYears Active
life is, Monochrome, Small World2001 - Present
Love Lab, Kizuna, artman2001 - Present
Honey, Ready Steady Go, Forbidden Lover1991 - Present
Ghost Heart, 88, Oh My Juliet2006 - Present
Love Song, Tonight, Desire1989 - 2000
Beast of Blood, Gardenia, Le Ciel1992 - 2001
Japanese Modernist, Fuyu no Castanet, Ringo to Uso2001 - Present
Computer, Mittsu kazoero, Zetsubou-san1998 - 2009
Kimi ni negai o, Coo Quack Cluck, Pop is Dead2002 - Present
Lamentful Miss, Pageant, Shadows Temple2002 - Present
Ware arubeki basho, Sora to ito, Libra1997 - Present
Lost in Blue, Konoha, the world2000 - Present
Pixy False, Neo Ark, Kami Uta2004 - 2008
MYCLOUD, Psychedelic Lover, Cocoon1994 - 2006
Hybrid Rainbow, Last Dinosaur, Swanky Street1989 - Present
futuristic imagination, butterfly swimmer, light prayer2004 - Present
Spider Nest, thursday, Niji no Iro2007 - 2009
GO ON, Colors of the Heart, D-technolife2005 - Present
Sweet Dreams, Evanescent, Love Addict2008 - Present
Prince & Princess, The Revenant Choir, Ascendead Master2007 - Present
Forever Love, Crucify My Love, Scar1982 - 1997

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