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Central prayer in Christianity
A short piece of music used to indicate the arrival of an important person
Ursine creature also known as the Silvertip
The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical
Panache, stylishness
A theory or approach that favours a non-interventionist form of government
Suave, refined
18th century French philosopher
_____ Rouge, 1970s Cambodian Communist party led by Pol Pot
Played a starcrossed lover in the 1996 film adaptation of Romeo and Juliet: _____ Danes
Capital of South Dakota
The junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue in New York City
British prime minister from 1997 until 2007
The largest lake that is entirely within Canada
Extremely worn, meagre
A wild animal's den
Party game popular with adolescents and children
A pastry filled with cream and topped with icing
Unladen weight
What you would find at the end of a pair of bell-bottoms

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