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HintCountry 1Country 2
begins with 'South' and became UN members in the 20th century
is an African country with a capital beggining with Y
starts with a Z
begins with Ira-
is an Asian island nation on the Indian ocean
borders on Lake Titicaca
has a solid red circle for part of its flag
has the shape of the country on its flag.
ends in -guay
ends with -stan but was not part of the USSR
contains an X
has 14 nations bordering it
are in Patagonia
HintCountry 1Country 2
borders Swaziland
is on the island of New Guinea
became separated from each other on January 1st, 1993.
borders by the Gulf of Aden
has over 1 billion people
separated by the Yalu (Amnok) river.
feature a vertical tricolour of blue yellow and red for its flag.
is a Southeast Asian archipelago with over 7000 islands
island nations off of Africa's west coast
form the majority of the horn of Africa
share the 141st meridian west as part of its border
has a direction in its name other than south

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