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Baby please come back to me I miss you baby Rain
Hey ya, wake upBEAST
Sorry my sweetyG.NA
What you want? What you do. Tell me baby what you doHyuna and Junhyung
this song is dedicated to you my first love my one and only you always be my babyYoseob and Drama
I'm sorry baby, oh, oh, oh yeah It's over baby, it's over MBLAQ
Come on everybody show them what we dof(x)
Baby you're breaking my heart2AM
Bounce to youSuper Junior
Living life lke theres no damn rulesJYJ ft. Malik Yusef and Kanye West
One's old a flame Just scream my nameBig Bang
Oh yeah, baby baby baby girlSHINee
My devil's rideTVXQ
It's all right. yeah, That's right.B.o.A.
Stolen my soul, Stolen my heartTVXQ
Haha girl...This is my confessionB2ST/Beast
You know what time it is? This is return of the kingTVXQ
1,2,3,4,5,6,7 NightCN Blue
I keep praying don’t forget it Baby, we keep the faith eternallyTVXQ
How can I forget all the special memories of you?TVXQ
Back to the days when we were so young and wild and freeWondergirls
We're gonna ring the alarm2NE1
You know what what i wanna do love and loveZE:A
Never forget you, I'll remember youT-ARA and Supernova
L.O.V.E. Wanna tell you how I feelDNA/The Boss
I'm gonna tell you about thisSM the Ballad
Listen boy, my first love storySNSD
Hello? Hello? Do you know me?U-KISS
Boy you look so fineMiss A
I can cross over the seaSS501
His stage, his show. His moves, his flow. Seungri
Baby Boo, I'm always thinking about you.Big Bang
Everything happens for a reason2PM
Sexy shadowT-ara
Hey, listen up. Let's play the magic showSecret
If you wanna be my boy, I'm gonna be with you forever and moreSNSD
Fly away, Fly to the topTVXQ
You broke my heart, tore me apartU-KISS
I'm in the trancef(x)
I`m the joker did you hear my nameBEAST

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