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A team of 'magical girl soldiers' protect the world.Toonami
Young girl is a space pilot.Cartoon Network
Children try to collect all cards before evil nemesis' can. Cartoon Network
Children battle each other with tops.Cartoon Network
Destroy other peoples creations.Cartoon Network
Show about an exclusive school for people with special abilities.Cartoon Network
A group of kids try to survive after their bus breaks down in the middle of a forest.Cartoon Network
Teen has ability to tranform into any machine ant any time.Cartoon Network
2 people introduce new episodes.Cartoon Network
Family gets an unusuall pet that loves to climb trees.Cartoon Network
A cat and a mouse fight eachother to no end.Cartoon Network
Space princess, her bodyguard, and their robot are sent to earth while their planet is at war.Cartoon Network
A hopeless guy hits on every girl he meets.Cartoon Network
A park has a problem keeping their food safe.Boomerang
Lego ninjas fight to save world.Cartoon Network
A samurai goes on a neverending quest through time.Cartoon Network
3 kids create crazy schemes for jawbreakers.Cartoon Network
Lego lions and eagles battle lego villains for the power of Chi.Cartoon Network
Mini-show about a forrest creature who goes to great lengths to get junk food.Cartoon Network
If you gather 7 items together, you can wish for anyting.Toonami
Group of monsters live in a mountain.Cartoon Network
6 wacky teenagers do crazy skits and music videos.Cartoon Network
People play an advanced version of a card/online game where they transform into the creatures.Cartoon Network
Contestants fight to win a cash prize.Cartoon Network
Show about monsters attending high school.Cartoon Network
A camp full of animals.Cartoon Network
Contestants have to move to match certain shapes.Cartoon Network
Boy finds a small robot who tries to act like a normal boy.Cartoon Network
Three superheros are made to be the perfect little girls.Cartoon Network
2 barnyard animals become relatives.Cartoon Network
Show about ninjas.Toonami
4 teenagers take the place of ancient alien heroes to battle an evil warlord to save both their world and the alien's.Cartoon Network
Show about little blue people.Boomerang
6 friends work at mall.Cartoon Network
Heros go through tasks to save the animals of the land.Cartoon Network
Redneck and his friend discover their car can transform into a fighting robot.Toonami
3 friends go through time to 'learn' and usually accidently mess everything up.Cartoon Network
Children battle eachother with cards.Cartoon Network
Famous musician teaches music in amazing ways.Cartoon Network
A 'special' boy and his 2 friends experience childhood in odd and quirky ways.Cartoon Network
Mini-show about 3 superheros living in an apartment together.Cartoon Network
Group of teens solve mysteries with talking dog.Cartoon Network
Bunch of guys working at a park.Cartoon Network
People fight in giant robotic suits.Toonami
The life of a robot who is bullied at school.Cartoon Network
Try to destroy their enemies and free the minicons.Cartoon Network
Kid shows funny viral videos and makes fun of them.Cartoon Network
Show based on the epic space saga.Cartoon Network
Kids fight adult tyrany.Cartoon Network
Online only show where a boy figures out ways to outdo adversaries of others.Cartoon Network Digital
Kids force the grim reaper to becom their friend.Cartoon Network
Show with characters representing emotions and ambitions.Cartoon Network
A crazy kid hosts a show that features funny videos.Cartoon Network
A lovable man is related to everyone and makes life more exciting wherever he goes.Cartoon Network
Try to prove the existence of ghosts.Cartoon Network
Barnyard animal heads to the big apple.Cartoon Network
Man protects the world with magic nosehairs.Toonami
Kid who wants to be a chef.Cartoon Network
Squirrel who has a job stacking.Cartoon Network
Show about 2 Japanese musicians. Cartoon Network
Group of superheros that protect the world.Cartoon Network
Show about a prehistoric family.Boomerang
Show based on popular DreamWorks movie.Cartoon Network
Kid uses his vast knowledge and martial arts skills to survive high school.Cartoon Network
A bunch of kids try to stop creatures from a video game.Cartoon Network
3 guys test crazy experiments.Cartoon Network
A cat and a fish are best friends.Cartoon Network
House that holds make-believe creatures.Cartoon Network
A group of friends start a band in their garage.Cartoon Network
A dog lives in the middle of nowhere.Cartoon Network
Show about a Tarzan-like man.Cartoon Network
Man asks gameshow questions while riding a rollercoaster.Cartoon Network
Remake of show about cat-humanoids that use the power of lightning.Cartoon Network
Robots who live in an all-robot wold.Cartoon Network
Heros in training.Cartoon Network
Three chickens fight to save the world.Cartoon Network
Wacky adventures sometimes involving a rabbit and a duck.Cartoon Network
Show about Marvel's super heroes. Cartoon Network
Younger heroes try their hand at fighting.Cartoon Network
After participating in the Bakumatsu war, an assassin wanders the countryside of Japan offering protection and aid to those in need.Toonami
Stretchy kid wants to be the worlds greatest pirate.Toonami
A kid is placed at an all animal school.Cartoon Network
Skunk is taught to fight by his friends.Cartoon Network
A boy uses his mystic gem powers to keep the universe in check with his mother's 3 friends.Cartoon Network
Show about masked wrestlers.Cartoon Network
Wants to be the worlds greatest adventurer.Cartoon Network
Kid with a talking dog and genius sisters.Cartoon Network
Superhero helps kids protect the environment.Boomerang
3 Friends try to fix peoples troubles.Cartoon Network
People battle each other with thier furry companions.Cartoon Network
2 characters show old shows.Cartoon Network
Show about a ghost who attends 'Scare School'.Cartoon Network
Adolescent superheros save the world.Cartoon Network
4 friends defend the earth using the elements of fire, air, water, and earth.Cartoon Network
Show about superhero's pets.Cartoon Network
'Scary' show based on book series.Cartoon Network
A child prodigy has a secret room.Cartoon Network
Girl fights monsters only she can see.Cartoon Network
Show based off a popular magazine.Cartoon Network
3 spies keep the world safe while looking fabulous.Cartoon Network
Creatures that live in tribes of 3 use special blocks to combine themselves.Cartoon Network
A kid cannot stop cartoons from coming to life out of his mind.Cartoon Network
Show about a Daredevil bug.Cartoon Network
Family hunts down strange creatures to try and stop their enemy from world domination.Cartoon Network
Show about a superhero that gets his powers from a ring.Cartoon Network
New space material 'Dragonite' is found and is able to make spaceships travel at light-speed.Toonami
Show based on famous internet meme.Cartoon Network
Group of friends fight monsters inside a virtual reality world.Cartoon Network
Try to be the worlds best heros.Cartoon Network
Group of animals own a hotel.Cartoon Network
9 humans are transformed into cyborgs, each with one individual superhuman power.Toonami
Branch-off show with 4 young spies.Cartoon Network
An evil dictator's brain and stomach are placed in a bear.Cartoon Network
Show about one of DC's most well-known heros.Cartoon Network
Child obtains watch that lets him transform into aliens.Cartoon Network
A weasle and a baboon have wacky misadventures.Cartoon Network
A colorful creature eludes an investigator.Boomerang
Show about a sailor who eats his greens.Boomerang
Children battle eachother with magnetic balls.Cartoon Network
Group of friends work together and love to surf.Cartoon Network
Show about a futuristic family.Boomerang
Three friends live together on an island.Cartoon Network
A teenage delinquent is struck and killed by a car while attempting to save a child's life and becomes an underworld detective.Toonami
Show where people battle each other in giant robots that usually look like animals or insects.Toonami
Show about a lazy cat.Cartoon Network

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