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Which generation was the first to...GenMore info
introduce a Pokémon with a height of 4 inches or smaller?
introduce a Pokémon that weighs over 1000 lbs?
allow you to get a TM before the first Gym?
introduce a 'Bagworm Pokémon'?
have more than one version for a town/city's theme music?
introduce a Pokémon that evolves at level 55 or higher?
allow you to catch a wild Pokémon at level 100?
have an HM be in an item ball?
let you play as a female Trainer?
allow two games to interact wirelessly?
allow you to register more than one Key Item at once?
introduce the Sweet Heart item?
give you unlimited space in your Bag's Items pocket?
have a Key Item that you can use in battle?
have a trainer classified as a PokéFan?
Which generation was the first to...GenMore info
have a move whose power varies with weight?
have a rival who you can't name yourself?
hold your first meeting with a certain Gym Leader outside their Gym?
have the 8th Gym Leader battle you with just three Pokémon?
have Caterpie learn more than two moves in total?
introduce ten or more legendary Pokémon?
have a Champion without a Flying-type on their team?
give you the Running Shoes?
have a city with exits to four different routes?
have a move tutor?
allow you to get more than one Master Ball without trading?
have two Gym Leaders for the same Gym?
introduce a Pokémon with a base stat of 250 or higher?
situate the Day Care before the second Gym?
require you to trade twice to fully evolve a certain Pokémon?

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