Mario Kart Wii Staff Ghosts

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Can you name the Staff Ghosts of Mario Kart Wii?

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Luigi Circuit1:29.670, 1:19.419
Moo Moo Meadows1:37.856, 1:25.909
Mushroom Gorge2:16.110, 2:01:011
Toad Factory2:22.480, 2:05.593
Mario Circuit1:44.777, 1:33.702
Coconut Mall2:30.764, 2:13.333
DK Summit2:34.693, 2:17.546
Wario's Gold Mine2:19.585, 2:04.800
Daisy Circuit1:56.822, 1:41.362
Koopa Cape3:03.022, 2:41.370
Maple Treeway2:58.633, 2:37.812
Grumble Volcano2:28.237, 2:11.852
Dry Dry Ruins2:30.949, 2:14.286
Moonview Highway2:16.802, 2:04.163
Bowser's Castle3:04.836, 2:42.098
Rainbow Road3:05.895, 2:44.734
GCN Peach Beach1:34.233, 1:23.140
DS Yoshi Falls1:16.461, 1:09.175
SNES Ghost Valley 21:06.595, 0:58.907
N64 Mario Raceway2:14.799, 1:59.053
N64 Sherbet Land2:48.651, 2:28.356
GBA Shy Guy Beach1:45.568, 1:32.867
DS Delfino Square2:41.807, 2:24.169
GCN Waluigi Stadium2:32.887, 2:12.367
DS Desert Hills2:10.233, 1:52.686
GBA Bowser Castle 32:58.304, 2:39.391
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway2:58.264, 2:37.782
GCN Mario Circuit1:59.771, 1:49.939
SNES Mario Circuit 31:38.880, 1:26.659
DS Peach Gardens2:34.894, 2:16.777
GCN DK Mountain2:57.744, 2:38.130
N64 Bowser's Castle 3:19.323, 2:55.933

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