Mario Kart DS Staff ghosts

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Can you name the Staff Ghosts of Mario Kart DS?

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Figure-8 Circuit1:36.481
Yoshi Falls0:57.677
Cheep Cheep Beach1:43.654
Luigi's Mansion1:59.357
Desert Hills1:31:262
Delfino Square1:54:601
Waluigi Pinball2:23:288
Shroom Ridge2:05:123
DK Pass2:14:607
Tick-Tock Clock1:54:903
Mario Circuit1:56:533
Airship Fortress2:07:748
Wario Stadium2:14:868
Peach Gardens1:52:989
Bowser's Castle2:19:661
Rainbow Road2:16:246
SNES Mario Circuit 10:50:688
N64 Moo Moo Farm1:17:751
GBA Peach Circuit1:12:011
GCN Luigi Circuit1:29:759
SNES Donut Plains 11:08:027
N64 Frappe Snowland2:08:781
GBA Bowser Castle 21:52:258
GCN Baby Park0:50:920
SNES Koopa Beach 20:54:847
N64 Choco Mountain2:15:571
GBA Luigi Circuit1:46:581
GCN Mushroom Bridge1:30:600
SNES Choco Island1:01:620
N64 Banshee Boardwalk2:14:403
GBA Sky Garden1:44:400
GCN Yoshi Circuit1:48:793

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