Spouses of English Monarchs

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MonarchSpouseYears as Consort
William I1053-1083
Henry I (first wife)1100-1118
Henry I (second wife)1121-1135
Henry II1152-1189
Richard I1191-1199
John (first wife)1189-1199
John (second wife)1200-1216
Henry III1236-1272
Edward I (first wife)1254-1290
Edward I (second wife)1299-1307
Edward II1308-1327
Edward III1328-1369
Richard II (first wife)1382-1394
Richard II (second wife)1396-1400
Henry IV (first wife)1380-1394
Henry IV (second wife)1403-1413
Henry V1420-1422
Henry VI1445-1471
Edward IV1464-1483
Richard III1472-1485
Henry VII1486-1503
Henry VIII (first wife)1509-1533
Henry VIII (second wife)1533-1536
MonarchSpouseYears as Consort
Henry VIII (third wife)1536-1537
Henry VIII (fourth wife)1540
Henry VIII (fifth wife)1540-1542
Henry VIII (sixth wife)1543-1547
Mary I1554-1558
James I1589-1619
Charles I1625-1649
Charles II1662-1685
James II (first wife)1660-1671
James II (second wife)1674-1701
Mary II1689-1694
George I1682-1694
George II1705-1737
George III1761-1818
George IV1795-1821
William IV1818-1837
Edward VII1863-1910
George V1893-1936
Edward VIII1923-1952
George VI1923-1952
Elizabeth II1947-

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