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Young Master
One Hell of a Butler
Crazy lord of two identities
Transexual shinigami
Long-sighted maid
Explosive american cook
Super-human gardener
Chinese drug dealer
Chinese drug dealer's personal assasin
Jack the Ripper
Sheath of the Demon Sword
Demon hound
Hermaphrodite angel [female]
Hermaphrodite angel [male]
Ruler of England
Crazy lord's butler
Overtime working shinigami
Youngest shinigami with lawnmower
Shinigami only in musical
Shingami also only in musical
Tea lover
Young fiance of the master
Young fiance's maid
Indian Prince
Hand of Kali
Chillin with the dead
Ecentric womanizer
Determined Scotland Yard detective
Triplet demon servants
Crazy lord's little brother
Crazy lord's real name
Doll Maker

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