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SpitWhat Was That Song?Album
In my mind i'm a fighter, my hearts a lighter, my soul is the fluid
What's gotten into me? Drugs, Rock, and Hennessy/Thug like i'm 'Pac on my enemies
Overreaction is my only reaction, which only sets off a chain reaction
You can s-sub-a-my-d-ib-ad-dick through a tuba
Your mouth is open, you're disgusting what the f*** you eat for lunch? A bunch of sweets or something? What'd you munch a bunch of crunch n' munch?
Fix your bent attenna, tune it in and then im gonna enter, up under your skin like a splinter
You might see me joggin, you might see me walkin/You might see me walkin a dead rottweiler dog with his head chopped off 'cause the son of a b**** won't quit barkin'
You may wanna pick up the radio and bang it against your face
SpitWhat Was That Song?Album
I bet you he's faking it, I bet you. I bet he just wanted to see how upset you would get
But they're afraid I mightt get Sarah Palin by the hair and make her wear a bathing suit and take her Para-sailing
I'm too weeded to speak to/the only key that I see to defeat you would be for me to remove these two adidas and beat you/And force feed you 'em both, and on each feet is a kleet sh
My head is achin'/I'm dedicated to medication but this medics taking too long to bring me the sedidation
Now the plot is thickened and worse, cause you feel like you been stickin' your f***in' d*** in a hearse!
Probably got a fanatic waitin' upstairs in an attic with an automatic callin me up there
Snap back to reality, look it's B-Rabbit!
Cause when I smoke out, i hit the trees harder than Sonny Bono!

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