Philosopher or F1 Driver?

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Can you identify each famous individual as either a philosopher (P) or Formula 1 driver (F)?

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NameP or FKnown For
Michael Schumacher
Lewis Hamilton
Keke Rosberg
John Locke
Jacques Villeneuve
Jim Clark
Mika Häkkinen
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Michel Foucault
William James
Friedrich Nietzsche
John Dewey
Arthur Schopenhauer
Noam Chomsky
Ayrton Senna
Jackie Stewart
Jeremy Bentham
Jean-Paul Sartre
René Descartes
Nelson Piquet
NameP or FKnown For
Kimi Räikkönen
James Hunt
Thomas Hobbes
Emerson Fittipaldi
Ludwig Wittgenstein
Fernando Alonso
Francis Bacon
Nigel Mansell
Alain Prost
Damon Hill
Albert Camus
Baruch Spinoza
Thomas Aquinas
David Hume
Sebastian Vettel
David Coulthard
Martin Heidegger
Niki Lauda
Jenson Button
Immanuel Kant

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