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2003 Burton Film: Big ____
Song from Pinocchio: When You ____ Upon a Star
To clean something
Black and yellow insect with a stinger
Faster than light propulsion system used in Star Trek: ____ drive
Examples include American Civil, Korean and Cold
1996 Burton Film: ____ Attacks!
The quantity of matter in an object
An untidy state of things or place
Thomas Hardy's ____ of the d'Urbervilles
What golfers place the golf balls on
Three in Spanish
Greek god of war
2001 Burton Film: Planet of the ____
Summet, peak, top in Latin
1986 - 2013 Manchester United manager: ____ Ferguson
Bend a limb or joint
Escaped, ran away, left
To give food to
Provide for and look after oneself without help
To shape something straight into a curve/angle
A group of musicians make up one
A place where money is kept
The sound a dog makes
2012 Burton Film: ____ Shadows
Nerd, idiot, geek
Activity involving mental or physical effort
1986 funk/hip hop song by Cameo: ____ Up!
1994 Burton Film: Ed ____
Red Riding ____
To grasp something in your hand
The White Stripes song: You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do as You're ____)
2007 Burton Film: Sweeney ____: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

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