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Updated Apr 13, 2013

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Clue4-Letter Word
★HARVEY [rung 60]: TWO ---- ★
Fabric patterned with open holes
Superman love interest: Lois ----
A place where money is stored
'His ---- is worse than his bite'
Famous one in New York: Central ----
Collective term for a group of wolves
To strike with your foot
A long thrusting dagger
Grave, serious, critical
Game: Truth or ----
9/9/2012 or 1/3/1954, e.g.
Duchess of Cambridge: ---- Middleton
Electronic indie pop group with Nick Moon
Form of cabbage with green or purple leaves
Wizard of Oz character: Dorothy ----
Clue4-Letter Word
Organ that helps in fat digestion: ----bladder
France's name in the Roman times
★RAS / TALIA AL ---- ★
Another name for a synagogue
Close a door
You might find these machines in a casino
A thick, viscous mass or lump, as of blood
Sound like a horse hoof in action
To cut off the sides of a picture
Brown ice cream flavor (abbr.)
Fashionable or stylish
The part of your face below the mouth
'Big Brother' host Julie
Grind your food with your teeth
Rowing, as a sport
Food, especially hearty meals
Break up wood with an axe
Clue4-Letter Word
A place where female chickens are kept
Deck that forms the roof of the cabin on a ship
Winnie the ----
One of the Spice Girls: Victoria Beckham
To place force against something to move it
Founder of Playboy: ---- Hefner
Stoned, intoxicated
Spanish for fig
Big, enormous, gigantic
LOST character: Desmond ----
The place where you live
Capital of Italy
A part or character played by an actor
'One ring to ---- them all'
Ancient alphabetic symbol
Belgian surrealist artist: ---- Magritte
Musical based on La bohème
★HARVEY ----: TWO [rung 1] ★

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