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Updated Jun 26, 2015

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Hint4-Letter Word
Charlotte's Web heroine: ____ Arable
Capital of Switzerland
Farmhouse building
Exposed, not clothed or covered
The Dark Knight Rises villain
Charlotte Brontë novel: ____ Eyre
Green gemstone
Created something
Hair surrounding a lion's head
Belonging to me
If something is pristine it is in ____ condition
Tiny fibers that separate from cloth surfaces
Johnny Cash biopic: Walk the ____
Green fruit similar to a lemon
Disabled so that walking is difficult, if not impossible
Superman love interest: Lois ____
Slim, slender, thin
Protagonist of The Legend of Zelda series
Mixture of red and white
Type of tree often used for Christmas trees
Eat dinner
Ten cent coin
Hint4-Letter Word
Barry Humphries character: ____ Edna
Exclamation of anger or frustration with religious roots
Sunrise, beginning of the day
Section of grass, usually mowed, attached to a house
Rules by which society lives by and must obey
A girl or young woman
Final, end
____, present and future
What a parasite lives in
The sound an owl makes
Circle, ring
An enclosure for chickens
Sound of a horse's hoof
A group united by kinship or common ancestors
Steve Coogan character: ____ Partridge
Hamlet quote: '____ poor, Yorick!'
Food and money given to the poor
Limbs attached to your shoulders
Fighting force based primarily on land

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