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Charlotte's Web heroine: ____ Arable
Capital of Switzerland
Farmhouse building
Exposed, not clothed or covered
The Dark Knight Rises villain
Charlotte Brontë novel: ____ Eyre
Green gemstone
Created something
Hair surrounding a lion's head
Belonging to me
If something is pristine it is in ____ condition
Tiny fibres that separate from cloth surfaces
Johnny Cash biopic: Walk the ____
Green fruit similar to a lemon
Disabled so that walking is difficult, if not impossible
Superman love interest: Lois ____
Slim, slender, thin
Protagonist of The Legend of Zelda series
Stage name of blonde singer Alecia Beth Moore
Type of tree often used for Christmas trees
Eat dinner
Ten cent coin
Barry Humphries character: ____ Edna
Exclamation of anger or frustraion with religious roots
Sunrise, beginning of the day
Section of grass, usually mowed, attached to a house
Rules by which society lives by and must obey
A girl or young woman
Final, end
____, present and future
What a parasite lives in
The sound an owl makes
Circle, ring
An enclosure for chickens
Sound of a horse's hoof
A group united by kinship or common ancestors
Steeve Coogan character: ____ Partridge
Hamlet quote: '____ poor, Yorick!'
Food and money given to the poor
Limbs attached to your shoulders
Fighitng force based primarily on land

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