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Can you name the people from their less famous family member who is also in the film industry?

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Family memberMost Famous Family MemberNoteable works for less famous person
Colin (son)King Kong (2005)
John (father)The Addams Family (1964 - 1966)*
Stephen (brother)The Usual Suspects
Beau (brother)The Descendants
Eric (brother)The Dark Knight
Scott (son)Hawaii Five-0 (2010 - present)*
Joseph (brother)Shakespeare in Love
Emily (sister)Bones (2005 - present)*
Carrie (daughter)Star Wars
Jaden (son)The Karate Kid (2010)
Billy Ray (father)Hannah Montana (2006 - 2011)*
Anne (sister)Big
Joan (sister)Toy Story 3
Randy (brother)Independence Day
River (brother)Stand By Me
Sofia (cousin)Lost in Translation
Bryce Dallas (daughter)Spiderman 3
Liza (daughter)Cabaret
Jared (son)Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Roy. E. (nephew)The Little Mermaid

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