CGI or Something Else?

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Can you name the way these special effects in movies were carried out?

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EffectCGI (C) / Not CGI (N)Film
GollumThe Lord of the Rings Trilogy
18 wheeled truck flipping overThe Dark Knight
Gary Oldman's eyes on the train windowDracula
Two Sarah Connors on screenTerminator 2: Judgement Day
Fire engulfing New YorkIndependence Day
King KongKing Kong (2005)
WeightlessnessApollo 13
Fighting skeleton warriorsJason and the Argonauts
Exposed brainHannibal
Zero gravity fightInception
The Headless HorsemanSleepy Hollow
Climbing and abseiling down the buildingMission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Mustafa (Volcanic planet)Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
Tron game worldTron
Tidal wave engulfing New YorkThe Day After Tomorrow
Deserted London28 Days Later
Opening text crawlStar Wars

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