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UniquenessMember StateExtra info
...with a capital that contains two j's?
...with a musical instrument in its coat of arms?
...that has an internet country code consisting of the same letter twice?
...that borders Liechtenstein?
...whose capital starts and ends with the same letter?
...where women born in 1996 average 170 cm in height?
...that joined the EEC (EU-predecessor) in 1981? have an Ugric language?
...through which the 70th parallel north runs?
...that switched currency to the euro in 2009?
...that has EU-territory in the UTC-1 time zone?
...that is not recognized by an EU candidate member state?
...with an island which name contains no vowels? have won three olympic bronze medals in basketball?
UniquenessMember StateExtra info
...whose flag is virtually identical to that of a non-EU country? completely surround two countries? have a lake more than 5000 km² in area?
...that has territory in South America? use the cyrillic script?
...with an annual per capita beer consumption over 120 liters?
...that lies for more than 25% below sea level?
...with more than 80 million inhabitants? have territory on the African mainland?
...that has speed limits in miles per hour?
...with a legally defined language border?
...that is a Grand Duchy?
...with no point more than 250m above sea level? have been awarded the George cross, the highest civil decoration in the UK?

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