Scholarchs of the Academy in Athens

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Can you name the scholarchs of the Academy in Athens?

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Old Academy
c.387-348/7 BC 
348/7-339/8 BC 
339/8-315/4 BC 
315/4-270/69 BC 
270/69-265/4 BC 
Middle Academy
265/4-241 BC 
241-c.215 BC 
c.215-c.160 BC 
c.160-155 BC 
New Academy
155-129 BC 
129-c.110 BC 
c.110-84 BC 
Neoplatonic Academy
c.410-c.431 AD 
c.431-c.437 AD 
c.437-485 AD 
485-500 AD 
500-c.515 AD 
c.515-529 AD 

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