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Who is Sherlock's flatmate, friend and colleague?
Who is Sherlock's brother?
What is Sherlock's job title?
Who is Sherlock's greatest and most famous enemy?
Where does Sherlock live? Give the house/flat name and the street.
Who is Sherlock's landlady?
What type of hat is he famously portrayed wearing?
What is [Question 1]'s profession?
What was the cause of the death for the four victims of 'A Study in Pink'?
What information source does Sherlock have around London that helped him track the Golem?
Who is 'The Woman'?
What was the four-digit password to [Question 11]'s phone?
What was the alias adopted by Sherlock's enemy in The Reichenbach Fall?
Who is his pathologist friend, who fails to disguise her attraction for Sherlock?
How many nicotine patches does Sherlock need to solve his first case?
What animal does Sherlock encounter in Series 2, Episode 2?
What instrument does Sherlock play?

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