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Song TitleFill-In-The-BlankAlbum
Blue Moon _____Get Out Of My Stations
Tractor Rape _____Bee Thousand
Your Name Is _____Under The Bushes Under The Stars
Showbiz Opera _____Waved Out
I Like To Give _____ To KidsMeet The King: **** 2
_____ In Your EyesFrom A Compound Eye
Everybody Thinks I'm A _____ (When I'm Not Looking)Half Smiles Of The Decomposed
Grasshopper _____Suitcase: Failed Experiments And Trashed Aircraft
I'll Replace You With _____Earthquake Glue
A _____ Destroyed By FireDevil Between My Toes
Song TitleFill-In-The-BlankAlbum
The Future Is In _____Self-Inflicted Aerial Nostalgia
Big Chief _____ RestaurantAlien Lanes
Jane of the _____ UniverseMag Earwhig!
A Visit To The Creep _____Sandbox
_____ Sector Janitor XVampire On Titus
Order For The New _____ TradeSame Place The Fly Got Smashed
_____ PieDo The Collapse
_____ CampfighterIsolation Drills
Back To The _____Universal Truths And Cycles

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