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Politician and businessman who served three terms as Prime Minister of Italy
Former actor, filmmaker and former swimmer (Real name: Carlo Pedersoli)
Renaissance painter, sculptor and architect ('Mona Lisa')
Professional motorcycle racer and nine-time MotoGP World Champion
Politician who led the National Fascist Party (Nickname 'Il Duce')
One of the most commercially successful operatic tenors of all time
Former soccer striker and FIFA World Player of the Year (Nickname 'The Divine Ponytail')
Venetian merchant traveler, known for 'The travels of ...'
NBA First overall Draft Pick 2006, Nickname 'Il Magico'
Famous fashion designer and particularly, noted for his menswear
Current Manchester City, former Inter Milan coach
First human who cilmbed the Mount Everest
One of the best goalkeepers in soccer and captain of the italian national team
Romantic composer, mainly of opera ('Rigoletto', 'Nabucco')
Famous singer and songwriter, made duets with Tina Turner, Cher or Anastasia

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