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What is the antibody in paroxysmal cold haemoglobinuria?
A syndrome of opthalmoplegia characterised by retroorbital inflammation?
A syndrome of aortic stenosis and angiodysplasia of the bowel
A haemolytic anaemia, hyperlipoproteinaemia, abdominal pain and jaundice in alcohol withdrawl?
Multiple pepper like inclusions on the red blood film consistent with iron granule accumulation
Neavus flammus, soft tissue hypertrophy, angio and lymphatic dysplasia is a syndrome better know as...
The remnant of the inactivated X-chromsome sometimes seen as a drumstick on the peripheral blood film
Vaginal aplasia ... syndrome
In Wilsons disease, the ring of copper is depositied in which membrane?
A point exactly midway between the medial malleous and the insertion of the achilles tendon for palpating the posterior tibial artery
Nephroblastoma in a child
A tube used to tamponade excessive variceal bleeding
A procedure to repair a rectal prolapse
Acute sarciod triad of bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy, arthritis and erythema nodosum
Spinal cord compression due to tuberculosis infection of the vertebral body
A virus found in immunosuppressed patients named after the first patient described
A delusion consisting of viewing tiny people running around

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