World Capital Groaners

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Can you name the world capital from the clue to a bad pun?

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Taking the tome to jail
Rap the roosters
Put provisions in your personal palace
Tousle Garfield's fur
Winnie's less-well-known brother?
Catch the poppa bear (on a hunting trip)
Outlaw the album 'Pieces of You'
Overflowing wine cask
Invite Ms. White over for dinner
Sen. Franken mocks his opponents
Vehicle for getting around the marina
Fire a Hall-of-Fame catcher
Wages for making fine neckwear
The most beautiful alumna
Do a voice-over for Ms. Redgrave
Shop specializing in wildebeest cold cuts
Dominant 'downtown' digit
Sara, Harper, and Stan
'Boy, it sure is dark here in the netherworld!'
A gnat bothering the Enlightened One
Story about life in the trenches
A plundered sail from a pirate attack
Where an old Olds rests in eternal peace
Path through a cove
An odd bovine topiary
A party for puddy-tats and people

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