World Capital Groaners

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Can you name the world capital from the clue to a bad pun?

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An odd bovine topiary
Overflowing wine cask
Fire a Hall-of-Fame catcher
Sen. Franken mocks his opponents
Catch the poppa bear (on a hunting trip)
Sara, Harper, and Stan
Winnie's less-well-known brother?
Dominant 'downtown' digit
Path through a cove
Invite Ms. White over for dinner
Taking the tome to jail
'Boy, it sure is dark here in the netherworld!'
A gnat bothering the Enlightened One
Outlaw the album 'Pieces of You'
Rap the roosters
Put provisions in your personal palace
Where an old Olds rests in eternal peace
The most beautiful alumna
Wages for making fine neckwear
Story about life in the trenches
Shop specializing in wildebeest cold cuts
A party for puddy-tats and people
Tousle Garfield's fur
A plundered sail from a pirate attack
Do a voice-over for Ms. Redgrave
Vehicle for getting around the marina

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