Word Ladder: A 2011 Summer Blockbuster

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Can you name the rungs of this 4-letter word ladder about a 2011 summer blockbuster movie?

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★ Character portrayed by Anthony Hopkins ★
'Havana' actress Lena or 'thirtysomething' actor Ken
Luise Rainer's Oscar-winning role in 'The Good Earth'
Jean M. Auel novel '____ of the Cave Bear'
Fictional Chinese detective Charlie ____
Partially burn so as to blacken
Whaler's cry, '____ she blows!'
★ Title character portrayed by Chris Hemsworth ★
Biblical pronoun, or the square root of a mil
Chinese statesman ____ En-lai
Dice or mince
Hen home
Downtown Chicago area, or a part of most rollercoasters
Appearance or bearing ... or a UK fashion magazine
Part of a door, a canal, or a head of hair
Sets of points satisfying specified formulas or conditions
★ Character portrayed by Tom Hiddleston ★

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