Four-Letter Fruit Word Ladder

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Can you name the words in this four-letter fruit-themed word ladder?

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Fuzzy fruit, or a New Zealander
'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' singer ____ Dee
Polynesian totem, or Heyerdahl raft Kon-____
South American monkey
'Mon Oncle' producer, director, and star Jacques ____
Scientific measurements, or a Starfleet android
Palm fruit, or a Saturday night outing
Maggie Smith, Julie Andrews, or Helen Mirren
It has an embossed profile of FDR on it
Citrus fruit, or 'The Third Man' villain
Arm or leg
American vision care company Bausch & ____
Major flop, or major explosion
Foolish person, or slang for a woman's breast
Rude, unmannerly person
Uncastrated male pig
Soldier Field football player
Pome fruit, or a tree for the first day of Christmas
Turf used as fuel
Saddle or throne, e.g.
Window blinds part
Twelve or 13 tricks collected in a Bridge hand
Squalid and overcrowded urban area
Drupe fruit, or a 'Clue' character

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