Courtroom Drama by Lawyer/Actor

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Can you name the title of the courtroom drama by the lawyer and actor?

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Lawyer NameMovie TitleActor (Year)
Jake Tyler BriganceMatthew McConaughey (1996)
Alan IsaacmanEdward Norton (1996)
Wendell RohrDustin Hoffman (2003)
Teddy BarnesGlenn Close (1985)
Jan SchlichtmannJohn Travolta (1998)
Frank GalvinPaul Newman (1982)
Lt. Daniel KaffeeTom Cruise (1992)
Willy BeachumRyan Gosling (2007)
Kathleen RileyCher (1987)
Betty Anne WatersHilary Swank (2010)
Sir Wilfred RobartsCharles Laughton (1958)
Lawyer NameMovie TitleActor (Year)
Lt. Barney GreenwaldJose Ferrer (1954)
Alan DershowitzRon Silver (1990)
Col. Tad LawsonRichard Widmark (1961)
Joe MillerDenzel Washington (1993)
Michael SullivanBrad Pitt (1996)
Henry DrummondSpencer Tracy (1960)
Paul BieglerJames Stewart (1959)
Reggie LoveSusan Sarandon (1994)
Sandy SternRaul Julia (1990)
Kathryn MurphyKelly McGillis (1988)
Aaron LevinskyRichard Dreyfuss (1987)

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