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Capitalized MeaningCapitonymUn-capitalized Meaning
City on the MediterraneanJust like the weather there
Lover of AphroditeA few hundred square meters
A 1979 Nobel LaureateInitiate
A dead prince or a live volcanoSeattle, compared to most U.S. cities
Neighbor of CallaoButter bean
Month in which Hawaii gained statehoodRespected and impressive
South African geographical nameHaving to do with birth
Moroccan port cityTexas barbecue, compared to other foods
Mediterranean city, Port ____Averred
God and Satan tested himThe daily grind
From Lublin or LodzKiwi product for shoes
Ballerina painterLet your Coke lose its fizz, e.g.
British borough or Pennsylvania cityA popular diversion
Capital city about 2 m above sea levelMember of about 50% of humanity

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