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Capitalized MeaningCapitonymUn-capitalized Meaning
South African geographical nameHaving to do with birth
Ballerina painterLet your Coke lose its fizz, e.g.
Neighbor of CallaoButter bean
Capital city about 2 m above sea levelMember of about 50% of humanity
Moroccan port cityTexas barbecue, compared to other foods
Mediterranean city, Port ____Averred
God and Satan tested himThe daily grind
Month in which Hawaii gained statehoodRespected and impressive
From Lublin or LodzKiwi product for shoes
Lover of AphroditeA few hundred square meters
A dead prince or a live volcanoSeattle, compared to most U.S. cities
City on the MediterraneanJust like the weather there
British borough or Pennsylvania cityA popular diversion
A 1979 Nobel LaureateInitiate

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