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Famous PersonCountryExtra Information
William ShatnerActor (Star Trek)
Charlize TheronActor (Monster)
Manut BolBasketball player (Philadelphia 76ers)
Brigitte NielsenActor (Red Sonja)
Carmen MirandaSinger, Actress (fruit-covered headwear)
Aram KhachaturianComposer (Sabre Dance)
Mikhail BaryshnikovBallet dancer, Actor (White Nights)
Ismail MerchantFilm producer (A Room with a View)
Grace JonesSinger, Actor (A View to a Kill)
Debbie FergusonTrack star (Olympic gold medalist)
Djimon HounsouActor (Amistad)
Ban Ki-moonU.N. Secretary-General (2007-)
Colin FarrellActor (Alexander)
Jascha HeifetzViolinist virtuoso
RihannaSinger (SOS, Umbrella)
Olga KorbutGymnast (Olympic gold medalist)
Samuel WanjiruMarathoner (Olympic gold medalist)
Maximilian SchellActor (Judgment at Nuremburg)
Kofi AnnanU.N. Secretary-General (1997-2007)
ShakiraSinger (Whenever, Wherever)
Penelope CruzActor (Volver)
Billy OceanSinger-Songwriter (Caribbean Queen)
Andy GarciaActor (Ocean's Eleven)
Sean ConneryActor (Goldfinger)
Famous PersonCountryExtra Information
Mother TeresaRoman Catholic nun (Nobel laureate)
Luciano PavarottiOperatic tenor
Melina MercouriActor (Never on Sunday)
Sonia BragaActor (The Milagro Beanfield War)
Georg SoltiConductor (Chicago Symphony Orch.)
Rod CarewBaseball player (Minnesota Twins, Hall of Fame)
Famke JanssenActor (X-Men)
Bianca JaggerPolitical activist (former wife of Mick Jagger)
Claudio ArrauPianist virtuoso
Ingrid BergmanActor (Casablanca)
Russell CroweActor (Gladiator)
Ahmet ErtegunMusic producer (Atlantic Records)
Hector BabencoFilmmaker (Kiss of the Spider Woman)
Mira FurlanActor (Babylon 5)
Yul BrynnerActor (The King and I)
Juliette BinocheActor (The English Patient)
Milla JovovichModel, Actor (Resident Evil)
Nadia ComaneciGymnast (Olympic gold medalist)
Thor HeyerdahlExplorer (Kon-Tiki)
Cesaria EvoraSinger (Voz d'Amor - album)
Khaled HosseiniNovelist (The Kite Runner)
Jean-Claude van DammeActor (Double Impact)
Jennifer LopezActor, Singer (If You Had My Love)
Hana MandlikovaTennis player
Famous PersonCountryExtra Information
Hideo NomoBaseball player (L.A. Dodgers)
Doris LessingAuthor (The Golden Notebook)
Roger FedererTennis player
Omar SharifActor (Dr. Zhivago)
Sade AduSinger-Songwriter (Smooth Operator)
BjörkSinger-Songwriter (Oceania)
Haing S. NgorActor (The Killing Fields)
Cindy TaylorSupermodel
Joan ArmatradingSinger-Songwriter (Love and Affection)
Sammy SosaBaseball player (Chicago Cubs)
Hugh JackmanActor (The Prestige)
Ang LeeFilmmaker (Brokeback Mountain)
Günter GrassAuthor (The Tin Drum)
Salma HayekActor (Frida)
Yma SumacSinger (Virgenes del Sol)
Keanu ReevesActor (Speed)
BasiaSinger-Songwriter (Time and Tide)
Eero SaarinenArchitect (Gateway Arch, St. Louis, USA)
Natalie PortmanActor (Closer)
Tenzing NorgaySherpa (Mt. Everest)
Jimmy ChooFashion designer

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