Movie Foes - 2012 Edition

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Can you name the 2012 movie in which these foes face off?

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Johnny Blaze vs Roarke
Katniss Everdeen vs 11 other districts
Perseus and Zeus vs Kronos
'Title Characters' vs Loki
Agent J and Agent K vs Boris the Animal
Marty Huggins vs Cam Brady
The Bondurant Brothers vs Charlie Rakes
Aaron Cross vs Operation Outcome
Bruce Wayne vs Bane
Douglas Quaid/Housar vs United Federation of Britain
Barnabas Collins vs Angelique Bouchard
Five Teenagers vs Redneck Zombies
Peter Parker vs Dr. Curt Connors
Matt Weston and Tobin Frost vs Crooked CIA Agents
Schmidt and Jenko vs Drug Dealers
Edgar Allen Poe vs Serial Killer
'Title Characters' vs Vilain and the Sangs
Stacee Jaxx vs Patricia Whitmore
Snow White vs Ravenna
Three High School Seniors vs The Cops and The Neighborhood

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