Movie Foes - 2010 Edition

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Can you name the 2010 movie in which these foes face off?

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Rooster Cogburn vs Tom Chaney
Rapunzel vs Mother Gothel
Frank Barnes and Will Colson vs a Train
Boston Bank Robbers vs the Police
Mark Zuckerberg vs the Winklevoss Twins
Federale assassin vs Rogelio Torrez
'Title Characters' vs General Garza
Gru vs Vector
Evelyn Salt vs Russian spies
Hannibal, Face, Murdock, and B.A. Baracus vs Crooked Government
Dastan vs Nizam and Hassansin Snake Charmers
Tony Stark vs Ivan Vanko
Quentin and Nancy vs Freddy Krueger
Dave Lizewski, Hit Girl, and Big Daddy vs Red Mist and Frank D'Amico
Perseus and Zeus vs Hades and the Kraken
Alice Kingsleigh vs The Jabberwocky
Teddy Daniels vs a mysterious island
Eli vs Carnegie
Robin Longstride vs Godfrey
Aron Ralston vs the Boulder

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