Movie Foes - 2009 Edition

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Can you name the 2009 movie in which these foes face off?

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The Na'vi vs the Humans
The MacManus Brothers vs the Mob
The Human Race vs World Destruction
Clyde Shelton vs Courtroom Injustice
'Title Character' vs Lord Blackwood
FBI Agent Greer vs Dr. Canter
Lt. Aldo Raine vs Col. Hans Landa and the Nazis
Laurie Strode vs Michael Myers
Weak Alien Race vs the Humans
Duke and Ripcord vs Cobra
John Dillinger vs the FBI
Autobots vs Decepticons
James Kirk and Spock vs Nero
Phil, Stu, and Alan vs Mr. Chow
Larry Daley vs Evil Pharao Kahmunrah

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