FictionalPresidents By State

Random Entertainment or US Presidents Quiz

Can you name the state the following fictional United States Presidents were from?

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Ed KealtyTom Clancy novels
Jack RyanTom Clancy novels
Owen LassiterThe West Wing
'The Wacko'World War Z
Matt SantosThe West Wing
Pete RossDC Comics
Roger DurlingTom Clancy novels
Nathan TempletonCommander-in-Chief
Monroe ColeWelcome to Mooseport
Teddy BridgesCommander-in-Chief
Wayne Palmer24
Robby JacksonTom Clancy novels
Robert McCallisterJack & Bobby
Charles Logan24
Caroline ReynoldsPrison Break
Elias MartinezThe Event
John Keeler24
Glen Allen WalkenThe West Wing
Robert KinseyStargate SG-1
Matt DouglasMy Fellow Americans
Mackenzie AllenCommander-in-Chief
James MarshallAir Force One
Josiah BartletThe West Wing
Russell P. KramerMy Fellow Americans
Bob FowlerTom Clancy novels
Mays GilliamHead of State
Mike BradyThe Brady Bunch in the White House
David Palmer24
Andrew ShephardThe American President

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