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Can you name the things from BikdipOnABus videos on YouTube based on the clues?

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Letter (A-Z)Bikdip ThingClue
AJosh's last name
BSomething he says all the time
CThe name of his file in his 'how to load Zelda Classic quests' video
DOne of his 4 subscriptions
EA line he wanted to use in Sunshine for a whole segment
F'Tomb Raider IV' and 'Zelda: Oracle of Seasons' did this
G____ **** Oak
HHe had this once
IHe did a 5-part Very Hard mode run of this
JCode from BA1
KThe LP where he was really hyper
LWhat Joey randomly said during a Part 23 of Sunshine
MHis first recorded game
Letter (A-Z)Bikdip ThingClue
NThis game was too laggy for Random Crap Week
OPart 100: '____ Indeed'
PThe pirate in BA2
QBanjo-Tooie, Part 9: 'A ____ Race Through Downtown'
RThe YouTube channel that criticized his first LP recording
SThe first thing he ever uploaded a video of
TGex 64, Part 1: 'It's ____ Time! *groan*'
UThe Quest for the Red Diamond
VWhat he makes
WOne of his minor LPs
XWhat Lois starts with
YDr. ____ (from MMDWR)
ZHe played this during Greendog (and it sucks)

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